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Automatic CO2 Cleaning

CO2 washer with 2 heads

Now Higher speed with CO2 Cleaning

Cleaning with CO2 is one of the best solution, if you are need environmentally friendly solution. CO2 is a zero CO2 solution, because the CO2 is coming from others CO2 developer. CO2 is an well known as the waste product after a production. So cleaning with  CO2 is like an zero CO2 production.

CryoCIP in Denmark have in jan. 2019 patented a new CO2 dry ice blasting system and a mix powder system. The system can be rebuild into a Cleaning system, and it can have up to 10 nozzle head at time in one system. Low pressure, low energy cost, and low cost on the CO2 use per. unit. but because it is apple speed the cleaning up with more nozzle head, you will need more pressure and CO2, but the speed will go up to 10 time more speed, the it is apple to do with the old solution. The new system is called 5INONE System, because it have 5 different blasting/cleaning metode in one machine. The system is made as blok, so the client decide in the order phase, how many cleaning heads are needed. Each system has they own dosing system and each can be adjusted each how much materials is needed.

More speed with CO2

CryoCIP new blasting technic, is a new technical way to mix CO2 and Additives in two different system in one system. the system can be made in block. that mean you kan put 10 blasting machine and 10 powder mix system in one system. this system is an automatic system, and this is made to af non robot system, but to a stationary position. This to hold the speed, so high as possible.

The new mix system will give and savings of Co2 per unit from 65 kg co2/ h to 14,5 kg/h. that mean also, when you are speed the cleanings process up, the cost of CO2 will be less, if you compare it with a normal solution. But in the automatic solution the use of CO2 will be the same, but the speed will be up to 10 time more speed, then a normal CO2 blasting.

Overall Equipment Effiency

A automatic CO2 cleaning system is always special designed for the clients product.

To see about the product is interest for the client, CryoCIP Import & Export Ltd. offer visit the client for free, and make an cost benefit for the client. CryoCIP is always asking for the OEE ( Overall Equipment Efficiency) rapport. If the client not have this rapport, we can offer to make this rapport. this rapport will give the option, to make an investment or not.

For more information, don´t hesitate to contact us directly +45 92 81 00 or +45 92 91 00 or send us you contact information info@cryocip.dk

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