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What if you can get all blasting metodes in one machine ?

New options in 2019

All metodes of blasting cleaning are important. If  you need more or less pressure at a higher speed and you sometimes need to clean/blast more environmentally friendly  and economic.

5 in one blasting methode

CryoCIP ApS import & Export Ltd. are at the end of 2019 ready to introduce a new machine to the worldmarked that includes 5 different ways of cleaning or removing a surface in a quicker way as today. The system will be a total new design and construction, that will improve the economic.

The new 5 blasting methode in one machine:

CryoCIP ApS has got the license to sell and produce the new 5 in one system to all countries of the world. The new system can provide blasting in a  totally new way. The new system has already been patented worldwide by Mr. Hammer & Mr. Lundblad.

The new 5 in one metode that can be mixed in one machine:

  • CO2 – blasting
  • CO2 mixe with abrasive product – blasting
  • Sand – blasting
  • Lava- soda blasting
  • Triple – blasting ( abrasive product – with water)

The benefit of one machine instead for 5 machines:

  • Cheaper to buy one instead of 5 machines.
  • Easy to transport 85 kg instead of 490 kg.
  • The new system saves use of material product up to 78%
  • The speed will be the same or higher
  • The system will have an environmentally friendly effect at the CO2.
  • The energy use will be reduced at up to 50% of what we have knowledge of today

The areas which have the benefit of the new system:

  • Construction
  • Plastic mold production
  • Steel production
  • Offshore industries
  • Maritime industries
  • Wind & energy industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Food and Pharma industries
  • Car production
  • Painting and surface industries

New products in 2019:

  • New 5 in one blasting machine
  • New 80 mm flat nozzle (CO2 – mix abrasive)
  • New electric gun
  • New pneumatic gun
  • New connecting system
  • New TM33 Model 2019.

Preorders to be delivered in dec. 2019.

The CryoCIP metode can be preordered by sending an e-mail (Purchase order) to export@cryocip.com. Or you can contact our sales group for more information export@cryocip.com

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